May 10, 2007


I’d love to be sensual with you. I’d love to give you a nice back-rub. I can’t do it though, I’d be balled up crying from the pain in my shoulders and my hands. I’d love to have you lay your head on my belly and place kisses all over it. It’s too tender and sensitive though. I’m scared I’ll flinch and you’ll back away […]

April 8, 2007

Body Image

Throughout all of my experiences with doctors and therapists, I don’t believe that I have ever been asked how I feel about a certain course of treatment which I am about to receive. This is of course related to the fact that, as I have become older, I have received less such treatment–but it still crosses my mind occassionally that I cannot really understand how […]

March 26, 2007


Disabledteens is a discussion list owned by creator of this site. It is geared toward teenagers 13-19 with and without disabilities. Those wishing to subscribe must be interested in discussing sexuality and the issues surrounding having a disability. It is very importat that we welcome non-disabled teens in an effort to break down barriers which have long existed between those of us with disabilities and those of […]