Sex Aids

Here’s a little crash course on the range of sex toys and aids available for sale can give you an idea of what’s out there even if no one seems to want to talk about it. You may not be able to use all of the things listed here, but it’s a good comprehensive article and it can get the ideas flowing.
NOTE: I found this article on multiple sites. I’m not going to bet on who plagiarized who, but it’s a good article and I won’t let that stop me from including a link to it. I’ve linked to the site that looked least likely to be plagiarizing other sites. Hopefully I picked the legitimate one, but if I didn’t, just keep in mind that I’m not intentionally denying anyone credit. I really wish that there was an overall increase in respect for the web content of others and this is why I only include links to what isn’t originally mine.

This article focuses on some sex shop resources in England, but provides a broad look at options for disabled people wanting to experiment with some toys whether with a partner or just for purposes of solo sex. It also provides some resources for ordering online.

Sex Toy Info Central from Come As You Are. This section of their site really does cover everything. It’s not geared specifically toward disabled people, but their Disability Resources address some issues fairly well for us. Read both pages. Taken together, they fill in a lot of gaps.

The Xandria Collection: Special Edition Catalog for Disabled People: A $4 catalog from The Xandria Collection. Content: Not really all that impressive–a few possible ideas for people with disabilities but none which really address severely limited mobility etc.

Check out the Up/Hold from the Xandria Collection. This product includes a small splint to attach to the penis to facilitate intercourse with partial erections.

The Eroscillator is such a nifty little toy for women. Check it out. It might prove fairly useful to some. It’s a very high-tech vibrator with various attachments, and pretty long (easy control, too). is the maker of the SYBIAN for women and the VENUS 2000 for men. Both seem to be custom made and are specifically created with hands-free stimulation in mind. Both are very ingenious, but also EXPENSIVE.

Here are some blow-job simulators, which might be of some use for men with limited manual dexterity. Typically, a bit of lotion is used inside the pump to simulate the moisture of a mouth.

The Flex-O-Pleaser is a 14 inch vibrator which is incredibly flexible with what appears to be a bending neck. It can be very useful if you have trouble reaching the right spots! The Mini Flex-O-Pleaser is about 9 inches long.

The Micro Finger Tingler is very small, fitting on one finger to allow easier stimulation. This might be a viable option if conventional vibrators are too heavy or clunky to be used effectively for you. Many of the above, and a few more, can be found at Everything on this particular page appears to be for women, but it might just give you an idea of what’s out there… It taught me one thing: There is a lot of variety.

The Ferti-Care Vibrator is designed to facilitate ejaculation for men with SCIs. Apparently very quick to work. (I could have sworn I read somewhere it works in 3 seconds!). It’s a very powerful vibrator that is very adjustable, allowing the frequency and strength of vibrations to be changed to suit. This aid is designed to facilitate conception and it isn’t for everyone. Some men use it to ejaculate regularly, partly for psychological reasons, and also to help improve fertility.

Check back soon for comments on the merchandise. This catalogue apparently takes 4+ weeks to arrive — I have not been ignoring that stuff, I just don’t have the catalogue yet. So there will be another update when I do.