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Most people don’t ever really expect to see those two words in the same sentence.But this does not need to be the case! This site is intended to challenge the myths that disabled people are invisible, asexual, unintelligent, undesirable or incapable in any way. This site is meant to be a resource for both the disabled and able-bodied communities, for breaking down stereotypes, raising awareness, and inspiring those with physical and mental impairments to understand and appreciate their sexuality. It’s a very good idea to always believe in the power of improvisation and remember that any impairment can be gotten around somehow. I hope that it will be of use to you all. (Please e-mail any comments or suggestions for additions to [email protected].)

See what your webmaster had to say when she was asked to be a guest expert and respond to an offensive letter for Savage Love.

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DisabledSex is a Yahoo Group for discussion of disabled sexuality for adults. It is co-moderated by the creator of this site and is a fairly large group. You can read descriptions of other relevant lists here.

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