Any content found on this site is meant only for informational purposes. Whether or not a person viewing this site takes offense is not the responsibility of the webmaster. Certain information included herein may seem obvious or unnecessary, and it is not that we are catering to the “lowest common denominator” or assuming that everyone who reads this site sorely needs all of the information, even the basics, which are outlined on these pages. Rather, we are simply considering covering all of the bases, with the knowledge that sexual education, as well as empowerment to explore and learn about one’s own sexuality can be limited among the disabled community, particularly those of us born with our impairments (as opposed to those injured via SCI or other impairments later in life who may have received adequate sex ed before becoming disabled.)

We are attempting, therefore, to limit misinformation and to make up for holes often left by teachers and parents who may have seen their student or child as asexual or sexually incapable, because this is far from the truth. So, even if you think that some of the information here is “common knowledge,” remember that not everyone has the same “common knowledge” and that even some of the most basic things which many people take for granted that came out of their educational experience may have been denied to other people.

Also consider that if information you find here makes you uncomfortable it may be a sign that if you learned about it you would be less uncomfortable, or that learning about it will help you in general. Stepping outside of our comfort zones can be the most beneficial thing we can do for ourselves in life, although it is always difficult. Overall, this site is meant to be helpful and never a hindrance. So have fun, and good luck!